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me in the stadium
As we made our way into the stadium, it became obvious that our primo seats were located out of the way of the rowdiest of the fans. We could see them across the field, singing, chanting waving flags and just having a ball. 

Of course, what would a Serbian football game be if someone didn't sneak a flare past security and light it off in the middle of everyone!!
the flag-waving crowd

The teams came out and warmed up, and then the traditional handshakes and big field logo covering were carried off. Everyone was ready to play!!
From the very start, the Argentinean team (in dark blue) had the Serbs back on their heels, and they (and their fans) never let up. They scored a goal in the 6th minute of the game, and from there the rout was on.
Argentina fans could not celebrate enough as the score piled up, often at the expense of the poor Serbian fans sitting next to them!! 


Maradonna himself was being featured on the television, as he celebrated with the rest of his compatriots. 

By the end of the match the Serbs had been completely blown out (the saying here is it was really 3-0 against Serbia; the other 3 were against the Montenegrin team!), and the stadium was in pandemonium.

As we headed back to Belgrade, much of the boisterous atmosphere returned to our group, as everyone assured themselves that the Serbs would get right back in the tournament. Regardless of the final score, just the fact that we were able to attend a game of this caliber at a setting as grand as the World Cup left most of us completely satisfied. Not a bad way to end the school year!!

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