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As we made our way to the stadium, everyone was in the highest of spirits. Every time we saw a bunch of Serbs walking or riding, people would lean out of the windows and scream at each other, usually holding three fingers in the air. This is the unofficial symbol of Serbia - both for the three colors of the flag, but also (more importantly) for the Trinity and the fact that Orthodox Serbs (which is most of them) cross themselves using three fingers pointedly held together.
On the walk from the parking area to the stadium, pandemonium reigned. There were people of all countries laughing, singing, and generally having the kind of fun that one sees at at tailgate party, only on a much grander scale. 
One of the neatest things was the spirit of camaraderie. Even though there were fans from both Serbia and Argentina all over the place, every one was too busy taking pictures with each other and exchanging souvenirs for there to be any bad sportsmanship like hooliganism. In fact, one of the most fun things to do was to see how many different groups you could get a beer off of!! 
Our group stuck out like a sore thumb, as we were wearing the Jelen Pivo shirts given to us by the sponsors - unfortunately in a bright yellow color that represented absolutely no team! Note to marketing director: next time make the shirts the same color as the national team to show a little spirit!!
me with the soccer king (above)
fans wrap themselves in the flag (below)
pride in Serbia and its beer (above)
Argentine fans brought drums and huge flags o wave (below)

Security was the last hurdle to cross, but after our tickets had been checked, our bags had been inspected, and we'd gone through metal detectors and pat-downs, we were ready for the game!

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