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Serbia and Montenegro

December 2003 - cruising downtown Belgrade

Belgrade's flag
We went downtown to catch a birthday party, and walked around a bit before going. The kids found a park with merry-go-rounds shaped like KinderEggs. Needless to say, they were pretty excited!

The Parliament building is an impressive centerpiece to the downtown area. It not only looks really cool itself, but there are 2 enormous statues of people holding up horses. The purpose? Who knows, but they are something to see.


The National Museum is under reconstruction right now, so we weren't able to look around too much. We did see a recital by a music school - violin, cello, piano, clarinet - pretty neat. And of course we felt good knowing the local police would be able to take care of us in their little Geo Metro or whatever that is they drive!
We also took some pictures in the snow...

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