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Winter downtown

Making a snowman (2003)
A big snowfall and downtown Belgrade (2005)
Snow around the school yards (2005)
Snow around our house (2005)

We went out for Pizza Hut one afternoon during a snow storm, so I jumped out for a few minutes to take some pictures around the Parliament building. There were kids sledding on the grounds just outside, something that probably wouldn't be allowed near the seat of government in most countries of the world - very refreshing to see. 

The eagles on the flagpoles have 'snotsicles' - a cute word we heard on the movie "Ice Age."

Nikola Pasic square was deserted and white during the snowstorm, as were these cars. For some reason, I really like this picture. To me, it sums up Belgrade in a sense: there's a rough-running underpinning to the society - not pretty, not fast, but reliable at the same time, like the Yugo cars. A pretty new layer is being put on, but keeping it on top of things can be tough (the melting snow). And at the same time, there is always a lot of  garbage waiting in the wings to ruin the picture.

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