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Roman Ruins!!


Anyone who has perused our webpage knows what history nuts Dave and Susan are.  Given this, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the presence of 2000 year old ruins in Romania attracted our attention.  Dacians lived in what is today Romania from the 3rd century onward.  They built up a magnificent kingdom centered in Sarmizegetusa. 

They remained until 106 CE when the Roman Emperor Trajan conquered them and sent them packing.  The Romans proceeded to build their own towns and fortifications centered in Ulpia Traiana (named after whom, do you suppose?). 


The past really meets the present at these ancient sites. We saw airplanes rushing over 2,000 year old columns and kids playing soccer in the former gladiator training center.

Archaeologists have dug up only a small part of this once huge city.  They have found a forum, amphitheater, gladiator's school, palace, and temples. 

Breck and Alea did their own exploring and decided that a warm night in bed at a cute B&B after a yummy pizza dinner was preferable to shacking up on a stone floor in an archeological ruin:).

A weekend in Romania continues.....

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