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Back in time...

It is hard to imagine the impact of driving across a border and tumbling back 300 years.  However, this is the case going from Serbia to Romania:  horses and carts are the norm as are sheperds with their flocks roaming the fields.  Women gather corn in aprons and men carry staffs as they herd their cows across the street. 

Haystacks and cornshocks abound in the fields and geese waddle everywhere.  Gardens line every backyard and hens with their broods scratch for worms in front lots.  We put Monet to shame with our haystack and cornshock series.  Here are just a few (well, more than a few...).

We came across a line of corn, all cut and piled (by workers who rode their bikes to the fields - see one in the picture on the left?) and stretching toward the Carpathian Mountains.
We came across haystacks all across the country and saw farmers cutting the hay and piling it into these huge piles by hand

Farmers working their fields by hand, carrying their goods by cart, and riding to town on horses were common sights.

A Romanian traffic jam!

A weekend in Romania continues.....

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