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Old Town Square

One of the most fascinating things about Warsaw is the fact that it is almost entirely made up of "new" buildings. Some 90% of the city was completely gutted during World War 2, and the decision was made afterwards to rebuild in the image of what it had been like before the war. Wandering around the rebuilt Old City is certainly a great way to spend an afternoon and evening, made all the more so since guidebooks invariably refer to the buildings as being "from the 17th century" even though they are less than 60 years old.

The heart of the Old Town is the Old Town Square with a statue/fountain of the mermaid that is Warsaw's symbol.
It is a bustling collection of outdoor cafes, horse drawn carriage rides,
sidewalk buskers, and open air art stands.
Every tourist comes here to see the sights, not the least of which are the colorful buildings ringing the square. We ran into a family out for a stroll after celebrating their son's first communion (Poland is some 90% Catholic)

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