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Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square)

Dating from 1257, this was one of Europe's largest medieval market squares. Today it is still a hub of activity, as tourists and locals congregate in the area.
When I was there, I saw a potato chip commercial being filmed, art galleries set out in the square, kids feeding pigeons, and cafes serving late-night patrons

St. Mary's church, built on the site of an original church from the 1200s, is instantly recognizable from its two towers of unequal height and design. The current structure dates from the 1400s, and legend has it that 2 brothers worked on the towers, with the designer of the shorter one killing his brother and then committing suicide.
A trumpeter plays a tune called the heynal every hour, cutting off the last note to commemorate the death of a musician killed by a Turkish arrow through the neck as he warned the town.

The square houses the town hall in the center, and pieces of artwork scattered around.

The Wieza ratuszowa - Town Tower - is the only remnant of the original town hall from the 1300s

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