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Zamek Krolewski (Wawel Castle)

Looming over the city are the towers of Wawel Castle. This site has been from where Poland's kings ruled from the 11th through 17th centuries, although most of the existing building is from the Renaissance period (early 1500s).

It is a pretty stirring reminder that the solid centers of history are often built on the foundations of the 'little people' who make it all possible.

Walking up the steps towards the castle, one passes bricks with the names of Poles who have played a role in the struggles and growth of their nation. 

Inside the castle walls rise the towers of the Wawel Cathedral (Katedra Wawelska). It is where almost all of Poland's kings were both coronated and buried.
It looks out over an expansive courtyard filled with flowering trees and foundations of older buildings.

As night falls, the outside walls are illuminated and can be seen all over the city

And a fair located directly across the Vistula River lights up the sky

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