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St. Peters - Treasury

The treasury is a series of rooms that holds the religious and temporal relics that had signified power through the history of the church. Wandering through the rooms, the 'glint of gold' was everywhere. 

Of course, this was one of those places where pictures are not supposed to be taken, so I had to settle for the old camera areound the neck clicking everynow and again surreptisiously. 

This coffin of a cardinal is adorned, interestingly enough, with representatives of various Greek goddesses imparting such pearls of human wisdom as agriculture, music, and philosophy.

St. Peter's treasury

Candle holders and communion chalices are everywhere, as are the jewels and manltes that have been used to adorn popes and other such leaders. The blurry picture here (darned touchless focusing) is of Jesus giving Peter the keys to his church, an act from which early church leaders claimed authority to act as God's rulers on earth.

St. Peter's treasurySt. Peter's treasury
St. Peter's treasury

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