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St. Peters - outside at daytime

Walking across the square, the unreal size of the whole cathedral begins to sink in. I suppose that one of the reasons churchmen like to make big buildings is that it is supposed to remind you how really, really small you are in the face of God. Well, I can definitely see that working here!
St. Peter's
St. Peter's

St. Peter's
Sparkling fountains at either end of the plaza provide a clear bubbling sound to drown out the hubbub of hundreds of tourists lining up to go inside the cathedral. And on hot days, I'm sure they are VERY appreciated!!
St. Peter's fountainSt. Peter's fountain

St. Peter's
As you approach the cathedral, you walk below a stern St. Peter. As he looked down on me with that scowl (and big sword), I started to get a little nervous about what it would be like running into him at those pearly gates.
St. Peter
Papal speaking place
I did like the chance to pretend I was the pope speaking to a Sunday crowd, though
Priests with cellphones
Nun with cellphone
3 of a kind
What I did enjoy seeing too were all the good churchfolk walking around using their cellphones.

But these 3 to the left were my most entertaining - I guess it really does take all kinds. You've got an African priest in black and white, a Fransican monk in rough brown (with a rope belt) and a hot pink rock and roller. Sweet!

Of course, there were more traditional sights - reading the Bible in a quiet moment or strolling through the enormous pillars that  circle the piazza. These were everything (and more) that I had expected to see.

Reading the Bible
Walking at St. Peter's
St. Peter's

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