October in Northern Croatia


We spent the rest of the day and all of next in the wonderful town of Varazdin. It is rightly famous for a gorgeous castle complex located right downtown.

It was so beautifully colored against the deep green grass and blue sky. The kids had a blast running up and down on the cobblestones inside the walls, and we had a very interesting tour through the rooms spanning hundreds of years of ocupancy.

We wandered the medieval and gothic streets of the town and enjoyed the squares, castles, cafes and museums. Breck did a little fishing in the fountain...

The main square had a celebration of children taking place, so we laughed as a whole school's worth of young students did the hokey pokey, the chicken dance, and various Croatian dances in perfect rythmn. Breck and Alea didn't feel like participating - they just ate popcorn and watched - but some older girls from the town's medical university, perhaps enthralled by the very handsome young man leading all the movements, were having a great time at the back of the crowd!

The town is quite beautiful in the evening as well.

What? Whose kids are those? Who took these pictures?

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