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Our first stop was in Cavtat, a sleepy place just across the border from Montenegro. It was recommended to us by a teacher at the school, and it turned out to be a great place to spend the night. There were only 2 resturants in town, so after a dinner of pizza and calamari, we spent the night in an apartment and listened to the rain outside.

We wandered around the town the next morning, enjoying the sun when it came out (and hiding from the rain when it pelted down).
As the sun came out, the pretty little town emerged, and we had a neat walk around winding roads leading up and around the hills and down to the marinas.

Interesting sights we saw around town - besides the buildings and streets - included several 'melted candle' sculptures draped with netting (which we though might have been in remembrance of long-lost fishermen?) and blossoming Christmas cactus plants.

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