In Memoriam: Peter Panagoulias

Peter and the Nazis
When Peter was a boy, Nazi troops invaded Greece and eventually controlled Spartia, his Peloponnese village.  To impress their authority upon the rural farmers, the Nazis organized a rally for all to attend.  The crowd gathered and the Nazis paraded in fancy uniforms, "as if they were something special."  Unable to see through the crowds, Peter climbed a nearby power pole for a better view.  The villagers shouted and waved to Peter, "Get down!  The Nazis are going to shoot you!"  The Greek Resistance was active and the villagers believed Peter would be seen as either spying or sabotaging the powerlines.  Peter headed the warnings and, in later years, believed the villagers' actions saved his life.
Uncle Peter told Rob this story on a 1998 visit to Montana for Shari's college graduation.

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