In Memoriam: Peter Panagoulias

How am I Doing? (following the death of my uncle)
So gentle and kind
Always thinking of others.
Sending love in the mail
     and sometimes money
     and greetings from all the family
trying to prove 
through numbers
that GOD exists and also
that lotteries can be won.
What is more red white and blue
than a U.S. Postal worker?
Never married – 
     to care for a mother
     then brother.
Never rewarded with some of life’s
      greatest pleasures
      marriage, family, education.
Always avoided “pleasure danger”
      fame, fortune, ego…

So gentle and kind.
He didn’t deserve to die like a mutt in the road
who wears no collar,
has no family, home.
Others acknowledging the driver
has feelings so… “glad you’re ok.  As for
The other…guy, oh yeah.
Don’t worry – you were 
in the right of way.
Maybe he was drinking.
     Perhaps on drugs?
You – go home, to the family you love.”

So gentle and kind
always caring for others.
As life seeps away
was he talking of his mother?
Or Voula, his sister,
he surely was thinking, and 
Lee his brother
just cannot come see
him like this. Just tell them
both, I am fine, don’t come.

He’s given the care to try
and stop all the dying
but dying he does
Like a dog without tags or
     Fancy collar.
A simple rope, perhaps, for i.d.
“No one at home.
All Alone
No one to miss.”
Oh so wrong-
So many

By Karla for Uncle Peter Panagoulias
March 2006

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