Alessandra Marie Stutz
January, 2003
More Christmas pictures!
Ice skates
I love dancing, so of course I absolutely am in love with my new ballet tutu. Maybe Breck and I will be able to get out on the ice this year, since we got NEW SKATES!!

What a mess!
Race tracks and doll houses
What can this be?
By the end of the morning, our living room was just a mess - paper, presents, and parents!
Reading in the rocking chair
We took some time to read and relax with mom
since books were a big part of our Christmas
Cuddling with dad
Whew - what a day!
Come evening, we lit a fire and relaxed with all of our new stuff. I got 2 lightsabers - a blue one and a red one - and those were my favorite things to hold.
Ball pit shenanigans
Getting some static
Wow - look at that hair
We got a new ball pit and had a great time climbing around in it. Of course, it did wonders to my hair!!
Coloring at the wedding
We'd also been to Uncle Billy and Aunt Nancy's wedding, where Nathan, Breck, and I were really well behaved

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