Homefront Poster Project

During World War 2, people in the USA were asked to make a number of sacrifices to support the war effort. Often, the government promoted participation in these programs through the use of posters. You've seen a quick view of some of these in class.

During the current "War on Terrorism," we are asked to aid our country's efforts in ways that are somewhat different from the sacrifices of the 1940's. 


Your assignment is to make a poster outlining a 'sacrifice' we are being asked to make today. It should be made in the style of a WWII poster - heavy on the graphics, light on the text. It must address something we are doing today - which we will brainstorm in class.

Be sure to include a short explanatory paragraph outlining what your poster means and how it applies to the "War on Terror." You will use thes when you present your poster to the class.


Each poster will be worth 30 points:
  • Relevance (realism, factual correctness, etc) 10 pts
  • Artistic (creativity, neatness, etc) 10 pts
  • Presentation (explanation, professionalism) 10 pts