Axis vs Allies

You will be split into 4 groups. It is January 1942, and you will explain exactly why and how the various theaters of the war came into being. The four areas of interest are:
  1. the Allies in Europe
  2. the Axis in Europe
  3. the Axis in Asia
  4. the US

For each component, your group will 'teach' your peers the following information:

  1. the country/ies located there
  2. the leaders - political and military (at least 3, include those on  your syllabus list)
  3. what the current military situation for each is
  4. and the reasons each got involved in the conflict
    • the Axis in Europe - why did they start attacking?
    • the Allies in Europe - why did they declare war?
    • the Axis in Asia - what had they done previous to Dec 7? Why did they attack
    • the US - what had they done previous to Dec 7 (to be involved in the war and/or provoke attack)