Teaching about the 60's

Your assignment is to teach the rest of the class about an aspect of life in the 60's, specifically covering the topics in your area, in whatever way you choose. Each member of the group must participate in the presentation, and there are 6 required elements:.

  1. 1 website from each group member that have student activities and information (these will be posted for you to use further)
  2. a written lesson plan by the end of the week
  3. at least 1 visual aid in your lesson (powerpoint, poster, etc)
  4. an 'activity' - where the class does something (you can't just lecture them!)
  5. a written assessment of your classmates' learning (quiz, worksheet, handout, etc) with at least 25 questions
  6. grade and return the assessment to me along with the grading scale
Now, you MUST cover the information listed for your group. Beyond that, you are on your own. Each individual will be graded on their research, contributions to the lesson, and participation in the other groups' lessons. You are welcome, of course to use your textbooks as a resource during your lesson. Click on your group's image to continue.

Group 1: Domestic Events

Group 2: Vietnam

Group 3: The Cold War Continues

Group 4: Cultural Clashes


You will be graded in 4 ways:
  1. for the submission of your website (individual grade) 5 points
  2. for your work and participation during the planning stage (individual grade) 10 points
  3. for your group teaching lesson (group grade) 25 points
  4. for your group's grading of your work with them (individual grade) 10 points
  5. TOTAL = 50 points