"Who Shot JFK" Discussion Guide

  1. Who did the investigation for the Warren Commission?
  2. What major conclusions did the Warren Commission reach?
  3. List some examples of evidence given in the tape used to support the Warren Commission theories.
  4. Name the other group and the date they investigated the Kennedy assassination.
  5. What conclusions did this second group reach?
  6. Give some examples of what the second commission found or used for evidence.
  7. Based on what you saw in the tape, what group do you think came up with the right conclusion?
  8. Certainly the tape was a bit graphic (gross) in spots. Do you feel it should or should not have been? Explain.
  9. Why are so many people still interested in this topic?

Kennedy Assassination Timeline

October 16

Lee Harvey Oswald takes a job at the Texas Book and Depository

November 22nd (Friday)

11:30am - Kennedy lands in Dallas
12:30pm - Oswald fires the fatal shots
1pm - Kennedy pronounced dead
1:15pm - Oswald shoots and fatally wounds J.D. Tippit as he attempted to question him
2:30pm - Oswald is captured inside a Dallas theater
2:38pm - Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as President
Evening - Kennedy's body is flown to Bethesda Naval Hospital for the autopsy

November 23rd (Saturday)

Dawn - Kennedy's body is taken to the East Room of the White House to lie in state

November 24th (Sunday)

Kennedy's body is taken to the Capitol Rotunda
11:21am - Jack Ruby shoots Oswald at the Dallas Police Headquarters

November 25th (Monday)

Kennedy's casket taken to St. Matthew's Cathedral for the funeral
Kennedy's body taken to Arlington National Cemetery where it is buried and the eternal flame lit

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Who shot JFK? - the evidence

The Warren Commission (1964)

The House Committee (1977)

  • Oswald acted alone and was the assassin.
  • The shots came from behind and above JFK
  • 2 shots hit JFK
  • It could have been a conspiracy
  • A second gunmen may have taken part, but missed
  • Oswald's prints were found on the rifle
  • Oswald had ordered the rife (based on handwriting)
  • Three spent cartridges were found and boxes had been stacked by the window
  • Oswald was an expert marksmen; he could have fired rapidly
  • "The Single Bullet Theory" - Oswald fired 3 shots. The first missed, the second Kennedy and Connally, the last one hit Kennedy in the head.
  • The bullet's path zig zagged
  • Both men could have been leaning
  • The shots came from above and behind
  • The bullet slowed down going through Kennedy and then hit Connally
  • Rear entry wounds
  • Oswald could no have fired 3 shots in that length of time (takes 3-4 seconds per shot)
  • Connally said he and Kennedy were hit by separate shots
  • The bullet's trajectory was flat and the angle of the shot couldn't have hit both men
  • The bullet found on the stretcher  wasn't damaged
  • The Zapruder film doesn't support the single bullet theory (the men had separate reactions)
  • The shots came from the the front and side
  • Front entry wounds
  • No grassy knoll assassin
  • Pictures are inconclusive
  • Witnesses heard 3 shots
  • Rear wound would cause head to jerk back
  • "Crosstalk" invalidates the motorcycle recording
  • Photos show a grassy knoll gunman
  • Eye witnesses saw a gunman
  • Ear witnesses heard 4 shots
  • A hit in the rear of the head pushes head forward
  • Motorcycle recorded 4 shots

Kennedy's Body

  • The Bethesda autopsy doctor was a rookie and did a poor job
  • A small rear entry wound could have caused a large exit wound on the side of the head
  • The Dallas doctors widened the frontal neck wounds (they performed a tracheotomy)
  • The scalp could have been pulled back to examine the skeletal bone (thus a large wound for the picture)
  • The Dallas doctors were trying to save his life not investigate the causes of death
  • A rear entry wound could leave a large hole

Kennedy's Body

  • Bethesda autopsy showed large rear neck and head wounds - proof of frontal entry
  • The Dallas doctors made mistakes
  • Nurse Well testified that the Dallas doctors didn't make alterations and no surgery had been done
  • Nurse Audrey Bell testified that it was a small rear entry wound
  • One Dallas doctor said that Kennedy had been shot from the front
  • The body was tampered with?
    • A different casket
    • In a body bag