Indian Logos and Mascots:

An Honor or an Insult?



The Blackhawks, Chiefs, Indians, and Redskins are all names of professional sports teams that use "Indians" for their nicknames, logos and mascots. Many high school and college teams also use similar nicknames. There are many people who feel the use of such logos or mascots is insensitive at best or racist at worst. There are others who feel that these logos and mascots honor Native Americans and are a valued tradition to the teams involved. You will be entering into this very controversial and complex debate by exploring the various sides of the issue.


  • You will research the use of such mascots, gathering information about both sides of the issue.
  • You will use the information gathered to write a standard 5 paragraph paper outlining arguments for and against the use of the mascots and your own point of view in the controversy.


  1. Using the links provided or finding sites on your own, gather information pertaining to arguments for and against the use of Native American mascots.
  2. Using the information gathered, write a 5-paragraph paper.
    • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Paragraph 2 - Arguments For using Native mascots
    • Paragraph 3 - Arguments Against using Native mascots
    • Paragraph 4 - Your opinion concerning the topic
    • Paragraph 5 - Conclusion
  3. If desired, you may search the internet for additional articles that fall under one of the three types of sites. If you find information from an internet site not listed on Mr. Stutz's pages, copy and paste the address in the form here, and, if accepted, it will result in some extra credit.


  • Guest speaker in class
  • spare time to work - in class only, no computers

Next week: 

  1. Continue with work on your paper - you will have 2 class days to work
  2. Due Friday, Nov 22 at the start of class


the grading scale is here


Anti-logo sites

Pro-logo sites

Both sides of the controversy

  • In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports (a documentary in Real audio)
  •'s links on the logo issue
  • Mascot Madness
  • Native American Mascots: Great Tradition or Offensive Stereotype
  • NCAA News: Honor or Affront?
  • Chief Illini: Dignified of Demeaning (has arguments for both sides, but is more anti)
  • Indian Mascots, Symbols, and Names in Sports: A Brief History of the Controversy
  • New Sites

    Period 6

    Period 7

    Cartoons etc

  • Something to think about...
  • Indian Halloween costumes?
  • Teams and Logos Information

  • American Indian Cultural Support (links to schools in the U.S. with "Indian" mascots)
  • Interesting Current events

  • "I'm a human, not a mascot!" Protest against the US governement's use of Native American names and a brief discussion of the issue.
  • Info about Minnesota Public Radio's decision not to stop using Indian names when referring to sports teams
  • (Both of the preceeding are found on the the Communist Party of Minnesota and the Dakotas webpage)
  • Random Articles

  • The Daily Illini Online News: Alum's letter hints at keeping Sioux name (22 January 2001)
  • Sport in Society: Hank Aaron Steps Up to the Plate on the use of Native American Names and Mascots in Sport by Richard E. Lapchick
  • Fayetteville Online: Local News: UNCP's Indian logo draws critics by Venita Jenkins (9/5/01)
  • The News-Gazette Online: UI's Chief impasse not unique problem by Julie Worth
  • Online Athens: News: Rights panel urges schools to end Indian team names by Greg Toppo (13/04/01)
  • UND Fighting Sioux: Building Understanding and Respect or Showing Disrespect and Insensitivity and Brien Painting (introduces the First Nations artist who designed the logo, and explains its symbolism)
  • The Ottawa Citizen Online article: Images on Screen Promote Aboriginal Clichés (12/02/97)

  • Credits

  • This Webquest is based on the original found here
  • Remember also that November is National American Indian Heritage month