1. What stage are most of the countries you investigated in?
2. Is there any difference between continents? Explain.
3. What factors and reasons contribute to countries being in-
a) Stage 1
b) Stage 2
c) Stage 3
4. How can you tell from a population pyramid whether a population is increasing or decreasing? What assumptions are you making?
5. What generally leads to countries' transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2? What is the typical effect of this change?
6. What accounts for much of the population growth in Stage 3 countries?
7. As a whole, what stage would you describe the entire world's population to be in?
Now, answer 2 of the following (as they relate to your answer to #7):
a) Offer 3 supporting pieces of evidence
b) Describe 3 advantages of the world being in this stage
c) Describe 3 disadvantages of the world being in this stage
d) Describe 3 proposals to move to the most advantageous stage (if it is not, in your opinion, already there)