Questions from The People Bomb

This video is a shocking examination of the nature of overpopulation.  It examines aspects of the phenomenon that you may have never considered.  The video moves around the world illustrating some of the “hows?” and “whys?” of population growth.  It will be helpful to quickly examine the questions provided before the video starts.

NOTICE As you will see, this program is divided into many segments; only a fraction of which will you see today.  Two of these segments, “Megacities” and “Desperate Decisions”, contain some scenes (including death and brief frontal nudity, respectively) that some might consider unsettling.  Listening to the narration alone will be sufficient to respond to the questions provided.

1. Overpopulation

  • As an estimate, how many of the world’s citizens live in poverty?
  • In the future, what continents will likely see the greatest population increases?
  • How is “overpopulation” in the U.S. perhaps worse than “overpopulation” in Nepal?
  • Why can we say that there is overpopulation in both 3rd world countries and modern industrialized countries. Compare the 'overpopulation' of the suburb of San Francisco and village in Nepal.

2. Megacities

  • What is a shanty town?  Why do they evolve?
  • What is the relationship between crime and overpopulation?
  • What are the problems encountered in the Megacity of Rio de Janeiro
  • Why do many consider Rio de Janeiro a “Crystal Ball?” What are some possible futures for the city?

3. Critical decisions

  • What role does education play in reducing pregnancy?
  • What forces are working against women having more children in countries such as third world nations?
  • In Ethiopia, the availability of contraceptives is not necessarily the problem; Accessibility, however, is a problem.  Why?
  • Opinion - do you think family planning should be taught by governments? Why or why not?

4. Conflict between religion, culture, "A Women's Place"

  • In this case, how does the perceived value of women differ from the actual value of women?
  • How does the status of women in Indian society actually accelerate population growth?
  • Describe the role of women in many third world nations.

5. Son Mania

  • Define: 
    • Infanticide
    • Amniocentesis
  • How does the desire for male children accelerate population growth?
  • Why has there been such an increase in sex-detection clinics in India?

  • List reasons people might prefer to have a son