African/Asian Webpage


Movement/Migration and Region


The effects of the movement of people, places, and ideas around the world is perhaps nowhere more evident than in Africa and Asia. The mixing of peoples, cultures, and traditions has a profound influence on the character and personality of regional units.


You will be assigned a partner and an African or Asian region. You are to design and create an informative set of five web pages as follows:
    • Page 1: Welcome and Introduction, including
      • A link to a webpage displaying a political map of your area.
      • Information about the current economic and political situation.
      • A broad portrait of the history, successes/failures, lasting contributions, and notable personalities from your region.
    • Page 2: Physical Geography, including
      • A link to a webpage displaying a physical map of the area.
      • A description of the landforms, waterforms, and vegetation predominant in the region.
      • An explanation of the climactic attributes of your part of the world (include any changes that might have taken place over time).
    • Page 3: Cultural Geography, including
      • Information about major religions, languages, and ethnic groups.
      • Link to webpages relating to each of those topics.
      • Information about the movement of the original source of ONE of the topics (for example, concentrate on where the language group developed and how it migrated to the region). Include a link to a thematic map of the region.
    • Page 4: Imports and Exports, including
      • Information about the immigration to and emigration from the region.
      • Information about specific goods and services that are imported to and exported from the area.
      • At least 1 link to a regional trade or economic organization representing countries of the region.
    • Page 5: Bibliography and Links, including
      • A list of library resources cited.
      • Links to web sites used as resources.
      • Extra credit for including numerous links concerning geography and/or your society.


Step 1: Research, research, research. Find out everything you can about your culture. This stage of preparation will take place primarily in the library.


    •  10 3x5 cards of information on your region, with sources properly cited.

    Step 2: Organize information into Word documents. Type up a "report" on your region, using the information gathered in step 1.


    • 5 documents, corresponding to the 5 pages of the final project.

    Step 3: Convert the documents into an internet-ready folder of material. Reformat each page into HTML, add intra-site links, and finalize preparations to post on the web.


This is a project that you will be working on in both Geography and Seminar (if you have it). It will incorporate elements of technology and the social sciences, and should develop into another item for your electronic portfolio. At the end of this project, each team member should have a copy of this project as well as the webpage from last year on a disc for use in his or her portfolios.


You will receive a letter grade for your individual efforts as well as a final assessment for the completed project.