Hammurabi's Code of Law

How should the following situations be resolved under Hammurabi's code?

  • Vlado gets in an argument with his father. His dad slaps him and Vlado hits him back. 
  • Eva goes to a church and steals a little candle holder. 
  • Luka S can’t find his Gameboy, and sees Juji playing with one. She said she bought it from Yusuke. How should we figure out who is telling the truth, and what should happen to the person (or people) who are not?
  • Rudolph and Masha are married, have a couple of kids, and a good life. Rudolph decides, however, that he wants a divorce. Can he do so?
  • Sandra goes to her locker after class, finds the door broken off, and 20,000 dinars stolen from her purse. The robber is never caught – does she have any way to get her money back?
  • Ash accuses Andrew of committing a crime. How is it proved or disproved, and what punishment is given out?
  • Andrea wakes up in the middle of the night and catches Max stealing her TV. 
  • Luca buys a book from Ilija, nobody sees him do it, and he doesn’t get a receipt.
  • Stefan’s construction company builds a house for Fred, but the wall collapses and kills Fred.
  • Hakan’s construction company builds a house for Miriam, but the wall collapses and kills her son.
  • Luka M has an affair with Mr. Craig’s wife. 
  • Nick is a judge, but he messes up on a case and sends Misa to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
  • Zoran has a flock of animals, and he lets them eat all the food in Patrick’s garden.
  • Shachaf’s wife Mathilde is terrible – she disrespects him, spends all his money, doesn’t act like a good wife. What recourse does he have?
  • Mr. Stutz helps some poor slaves escape from their evil master. What should his reward be?