An Internet Web Page

Creating a sidebar on your page

  • Select "Table," "Insert table" 
  • Make a 2 column, 1 row table 
  • Type your sidebar stuff in the left column 
  • Type your regular page information in the right column 

Insert a Scrolling Textbox

  • Select "Insert," "Scrolling Text" 
  • Edit the text, background, direction, etc. 
  • Cool. 

Inserting Links

  • As text
    • You can simply copy the URL from the website, paste it in your document, and hit 'Enter"
    • You can type some text, highlight it, go to "Insert," "Hyperlink," and type in the address. That will make a link that looks like this.
  • As a picture
    • Insert a picture.
      • Click on it.
      • "Insert," "Hyperlink," and type in the address.
      click on the sun!
  • To another of your pages
    • make sure the address is pagename.htm, where pagename is the exact name of the page you want to link to (like index or links)
    • Easy Method: Highlight the text, "Insert," "Hyperlink," then click "Browse" and doubleclick on the file you want to link to. Easy!!
  • To your email address
    • Insert a hyperlink as outlined above
    • Make the address where you substitute your email address for
    • Make sure you leave no spaces and have it setup exaclty as above!!
  • Saving to a Disc
    • Close everything down except your H: drive
    • Make sure you have a blank disc in the drive
    • Click ONCE on the webpage folder
    • Select "File," "Send to," "31/2 inch floppy"