An Internet Web Page

Creating your page

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Type what you want
  • "File," "Save As HTML"


  • BEFORE saving
    • navigate to your U: drive
    • Create a new folder named webpage
    • Then save the file as "index"

Converting a PowerPoint to HTML

  • Make your powerpoint
  • "File," "Save as HTML"
  • Follow the instructions
    • New Layout - yes
    • 'Standard' page style
    • JPEG; compression value - 50%
      • this determines how clear your slides are
      • that value works perfectly well for most uses
      • larger compression value or using GIF format results in a much larger image (and longer loading time)
    • Monitor resolution of 640x480 or 800x600, width  = 1/4 or 1/2 width of screen (again, larger = slower)
    • Enter email address if desired
    • Home page  = ../index.htm VERY IMPORTANT to type exactly as listed there!!
    • Set colors and buttons as desired
    • Place navigation buttons where desired
    • Create HTML folder in your webpage folder
  • All done!!