Internet Research 

On all questions, not only are you to find the answer, but also include the URL (address) of the website on which you found the information
  1. What is the northernmost city in the United States?
  2. Who was Adolf Hitlerís second in command?
  3. What is the rhyme scheme of a sonnet?
  4. What is the price of an adult admission to Disneyland?
  5. What year was Wrigley Field built?
  6. What is Boxing Day and where did it originate?
  7. What is the top grossing movie of all time?
  8. Whose assassination sparked the beginning of World War 1?
  9. Who invented bifocals?
  10. What was Bobby Hullís nickname?
  11. Who was Mary Shellyís husband?
  12. What does NASDAQ stand for?
  13. What metal is the US nickel made of?
  14. How long is a quarter in the NBA?
  15. Where did the Hindenburg meet its end?
  16. Who supplied the voice for young Simba in "The Lion King?"
  17. In the state of Wisconsin, how long does a person have to wait after a divorce to remarry?
  18. Who are the members of the band Aerosmith?
  19. What is the seating capacity of Yankee Stadium?
  20. Who played Ethel Mertz on "I love Lucy?"