Internet Research 

Find the answers to the following questions: 
  1. From left to right, whose faces are on Mount Rushmore?
  2. Who was the second man to set foot on the moon?
  3. What is the Kelly Blue Book value of a 1994 Chevrolet Malibu in "fair" condition? (no extras included)
  4. How tall is the Sear's Tower?
  5. Who are the two senators representing Idaho?
  6. Who won the Oscar for best actor in 1956?
  7. Where was Al Gore born?
  8. Who are the top three on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List?
  9. Who won the National League (baseball) pennant in 1962?
  10. Who are the US Supreme Court Justices?
  11. How old is Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner?
  12. Who assassinated US President Garfield?
  13. What year was Stephen King's It first published and who was the publisher?
  14. Where was Teddy Roosevelt when an attempt was made on his life?
  15. What is the out-of-state tuition for one semester (12 credits) at UCLA?
  16. Who invented the radio?
  17. By what names has the Russian city of St. Petersburg been known in the past 200 years?
  18. Where were Bonnie and Clyde killed and what were their full names?
  19. What is the chemical (full name) found in marijuana that causes a 'high?'
  20. How many colors of M&M's are there?