Freshmen Computers - Syllabus

Title of Course

Freshmen Computers


Dave Stutz
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Course Description

Computers is a yearlong freshmen seminar designed as an overview of contemporary themes in computer sciences. Much of the early focus will be on developing a working knowledge of the history, terminology, and hardware that drive current technology. A working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite is assumed; this class will advance and broaden those skills as students utilize their computer knowledge to integrate classroom activities from their other subject areas. Topics will be addressed in an interdisciplinary style, thematically integrated with activities in English, social studies, science, and math courses, and set in the context of computer use in the 'real world.'

Course Outline/Calendar

Semester 1

Bimester 1
Computer History and Basics
Word Processing

Semester 2

Bimester 3
Bimester 2
Desktop Publishing
Bimester 4
Advanced topics and Programming


A three ring binder, loose-leaf paper, and pen/pencil daily
Floppy discs (PC formatted) and a plastic disc protector if the student wishes to take assignments home.
Additional resources and readings as supplied in class

General Information about homework and other assignments

Classroom participation - 25%
  • Students receive daily participation points
  • These points will be forfeited in the case of behavioral 'issues' during the class period
  • Class Assignments - 35%
    • Daily assignments, small projects, and quizzes
    Bimester Exam - 40%
    • The exam will include both a written test and a project component completed during the Bimester
    Extra credit is generally not given out, although some (unannounced) assignments may be graded as extra credit. It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that all work is turned in - it is of great benefit to your grade to do so!

    Make up procedures and extra help opportunities

    *Mr. Stutz is always in the lab after school. This is the single best time to meet with him and get extra help. Make arrangements and stick around for a bit - during the school day it is virtually impossible to meet for extra help*
    If the work is graded on the basis of being completed during a class period, no late work will be accepted.
    It is the student's responsibility to approach Mr. Stutz to determine what work is missing and make arrangements to redo such assignments.

    Grading scale

    99 -100%
    77 - 79%
    93 - 98%
    73 - 76%
    90 - 92%
    70 - 72%
    87 - 89%
    67 - 69%
    83 - 86%
    64 - 66%
    80 - 82%
    60 - 63%
    Below 60%

    Classroom Procedures and Rules

    In addition to the computer use policies, there are 4 general rules Mr. Stutz expects to be followed:
    Arrive in class on time with paper, binder, writing utensil, and any previously designated materials
    Students are to remain in their seats until Mr. Stutz has dismissed the class
    Swearing and derogatory remarks have no place in the classroom and will not be tolerated
    Accord those who are speaking (including teachers and students) the respect, courtesy, and quiet they deserve