Daily Life in Ancient

an Internet Treasure Hunt

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Surf's up! Grab your brain and head for the further reaches of cyberspace in the life of the people in ancient China. There's a lot to learn in this age. 


    1. What did the ancient Chinese invent?
    2. Make a list of the Chinese dynasties and their accomplishments.
    3. What was the role of each member of a Chinese family?
    4. Describe the clothing worn by both men and women living in the country.
    5. How did they stay warm in the winter?
    6. How could one be assigned a high position during the T'ang Dynasty?
    7. What were popular board games?
    8. What are the three doctrines or three religions?
    9. What does Confucius say about a mistake?
    10.What are the four noble truths?


The Big Question

Ancient China or Modern America - what can we learn from them that helps today for the future?

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