Great Wall Quiz
  1. Mongols were highly skilled:
  2. Emperor Qin Shihuangdi was crowned king of Qin at the age of:
  3. The dragon-tailed goddess, Nu Kua, created mankind out of:
  4. The earth for the Chinese was divided into how many regions?
  5. The Eight Immortals were believed to live in the:
  6. Knowledge that is shared with all is the Chinese virtue of:
  7. Correctness in dealing with others is the Chinese virtue of:
  8. Man is only a small bit in the great sweep of natural things is a belief of the Chinese virtue of:
  9. Doing as we should for its own sake is the Chinese virtue of:
  10. Essential Kindness one person shows another is the Chinese virtue of:
  11. According to the myth, what did Pan Ku use to carve the riverbed?
  12. In ancient China, receiving a "phoenix letter" meant:
  13. According to legend, the magic signs Fu His copied and developed into writing were on the back of:
  14. The country on the northern border of China is:
  15. "Wasp Waist" refers to:
  16. The tortoise is a symbol of:
  17. The Phoenix was the wife of the:
  18. Chaos included:
  19. According to the ancient Chinese beliefs, the earth rested on a:
  20. The Five Activities or Five Elements were:
  21. The ancient Chinese believed harmony and order brought:
  22. Land could not be sold without:
  23. Many clans held the same land for:
  24. Bamboo to the Chinese was the symbol of:
  25. The 10 suns in Yi the Archer waited in the branches of the
  26. The god of the East was:
  27. The chariot of the suns was pulled by:
  28. Why did Chang E stop at the moon?
  29. During the Han Dynasty:
  30. Registers of the names of all the members of a clan were kept:
  31. The feng huang was a:
  32. The lotus was a symbol of:
  33. During the Sung Dynasty:
  34. The dragon was a symbol of:
  35. In the I Ching, the third hexagram was:
  36. Of the Ten Great Kings, Shun was:
  37. Of the Ten Great Kings, Kao Yang was
  38. The main purpose of building the Great Wall was:
  39. The Great Wall was built of:
  40. The Emperor paid for the wall by:
  41. The wall was built in:
  42. The average height of the wall was:
  43. The Nine Mansions is know today as a:
  44. To read well, a person had to know how many characters?
  45. Nobles in feudal China always married:
  46. The Chinese believed that stars:
  47. Yellow is the Chinese color for:
  48. Blue-Green was the color of:
  49. A dragon could become as small as a:
  50. The 8 Immortals were said to be able to: