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Free FTP program for you


FTP means file transfer protocol, which means it is the program that "sends" your web page information to your server space

There are, of course, many ftp programs,  but I've always stuck with the simple WS_FTP, one of the originals

The version I have loaded here is small enough to use anywhere, and best of all, it is free

 For an old, small version of the program, click here

WSFTP Instructions

Below are instructions for setting up WSFTP to upload/download your html pages...
  1. Start WSFTP
  2. Make up a name and put it in the Profile Name field
  3. The Host Name/Address field is the address of your virtual server (Ex.
  4. Leave Host Type field alone
  5. Fill the User ID field with the FTP user ID supplied to you when you signed up
  6. Fill the Password field with the password you supplied when you signed up
  7. Click the Startup tab
  8. Fill the Initial Local Directory with the name of the directory on your PC where your web files live
  9. Press the OK button to connect
  10. Move your files/directories to the server by double clicking on them