Religion Presentations

Each group will be responsible for teaching the class about 1 of the world’s major religions. To complete your teaching lesson, you will prepare to lead the class for a set period of time:
  • Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism – 2 days
  • Others – 1 day
The aim of your teaching will be threefold:
  1. To introduce the class to the basic history of your religion
  2. To introduce the class to the basic beliefs, literature, and ceremonies
  3. To introduce the class to the influence of your religion in shaping current world affairs

Material Requirements

  • 2 displayed maps (overhead)
    • The birthplace of the religion
    • The current world membership of the religion
  • Map or graph of world followers
  • Class copies of an example of an important piece of literature from the religion
  • 1-page class handout summarizing the major notes from your presentation
  • 25 multiple choice questions concerning the information you present (on disk)
  • Poster summarizing the history, beliefs, and influence of the religion

Ideas for optional activities:

  • Role-play activity
  • Debate between various branches of your religion
  • Map project
  • Class discussion on literature or philosophical questions
  • Pictures of the god or gods

Presentation Guidelines:

Students must communicate the following: 


  • History leading up to the origin of the religion
  • Where, when, and why was the religion founded
  • Background information on the founder(s) of the religion
  • Show a map of the birthplace of the religion
  • Who is currently in charge, if anyone, and how are the leaders chosen? 


  • The basic beliefs and principles
    • What are some of its beliefs about God, human nature, how the world came to be, etc?
  • Fundamental practices - what rituals are important? 
  • Major books and religious texts
  • Important ceremonies and festivals
  • How do the major schisms (different 'branches' of the same religion) differ from one another?


  • Where is the religion primarily practiced? 
  • How many people practice the religion?
    • look at the number of world followers and percent of world population
    • include a graph or colored map
  • What major artifacts, monuments, buildings, works of art, etc has the religion been responsible for?

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