Christianity Notes

Currently the most popular religion in the world based on the number of worshippers found throughout the world. While this monotheistic religion developed from Judaism, there are several key differences in its teachings. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ in the 1st century CE. The Christian holy book is called the Holy Bible.
Old Testament: The first half of the Christian Bible, that describes the creation of the world, the history of ancient Israel, the Ten Commandments, and contains the Psalms and the prophetic books. Also is the Hebrew Torah.
New Testament: The second half of the Christian Bible. It describes the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as other Christian teachings.

Messiah: According to the Hebrew Bible, an anointed king who will lead the Jews back to the land of Israel and establish justice in the world. According to the Christians, the Messiah was Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ: (8-4 BCE- 29? CE) Founder of Christianity. Considered by Christians to be the Son of God and the Messiah. He is the central figure in the Christian Religion.

Holy Trinity: Formed by the Creator (Father), Redeemer (Son), and Sustainer (Holy Spirit). Christians believe that these three entities are all part of a single higher power.

Ten Commandments: The ten laws given to Moses by God, according to the Bible.