Bhagavad Gita

The Lord says:
vi. 47 Whomever among all the yogin remains in me and, full of faith, adores me from the deepest of his soul will be deemed by me as having achieved the apex of the union.

viii. 5 Whoever, remembering me at all times in his last moments abandons his mortal body and leaves, will have access to my being: there is no doubt at all about this.

viii. 7 Remember me at all times and fight, with your mind and your judgment oriented toward me. And you will come to me without any doubt.

xii. 6 Those who place all their actions in me, who have no other pleasure but me and who adore me and gather all their thoughts in me by means of an exclusive discipline, for them I will be the one who will immediately pluck them from the ocean of transmigration and of death...