Caste Activity Rules

Brahmins or priests whose duty was to teach the Vedas

  • Can play chess or another game
  • Can leave the room
  • Must introduce/read instructions to class
  • Must help other students (outside of untouchables)

Kshatriyas or warriors whose duty was to rule and defend the country

  • Can keep other students quiet during class
  • Must write class assignment for the Brahims
  • Must perform other duties as assigned by the Brahims

Vaisyas or artisans and traders whose duty concerned the economy

  • In charge of drawing and coloring decorations for use around the classroom
  • Must carry Brahimsí books and supplies to/from class
Sudras or peasants and farmers
  • May have a desk, but no chair
  • Do all class readings out loud
  • Must help the Vaisyas by doing errands and coloring
Dalits or Untouchables
  • No desks; sit on the floor by the mummy
  • Must fetch supplies for the other castes
  • Must clean/straighten classroom up
  • Must perform other tasks as ordered
  • May not speak unless spoken to
  • Must not look others in the eye