Basic Outline Format

Procedure to type an outline

Example of an outline

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Enter your outline info WITHOUT any formatting (just hit enter between each line)
  3. When done, highlight everything (or go to 'Edit,' 'Select All')
  4. Go to 'Format,' 'Bullets and Numbering,' 'Outline Numbered'
  5. Select the one that looks most like the format you want to use, and click OK
  6. Go to a line that should be indented
    1. Place the cursor somewhere in that line
    2. Click on the 'Increase Indent' button (It looks like a little black sideways bar graph)
    3. Click it the number of times needed to match the formatting you want
Title of article, chapter, etc
I. Topic of paragragh 1
A. Main point
ii. support
iii. support
B. Main Point
C. Main point
ii. support
iii. support

then you just repeat the same for each following paragraph, giving them new Roman numerals...