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Indian Trail Academy
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Rules and Regulations

We expect Indian Trail Academy students to: 

  1. attend classes regularly, complete assignments, and behave appropriately.

  3. be respectful to the rights of others.

  5. be in class on time. Loitering in the halls will not be tolerated.

  7. have their student IDs with them at all times. The student ID will be used to check out materials in the Library. Students will produce the ID when requested by a staff member.

  9. obey all state and local laws. Possession and/or use of weapons, explosive or incendiary devices, pepper spray, gang activities, possession or sale of illegal substances, assault or harassment, theft, battery, setting off fire alarms falsely, and all other violations of the law will be cause for arrest by the Kenosha Police Department.

  11. not smoke in the building or on school property.

  13. leave jackets, hats and gloves in their lockers. These items may not be worn in school. No chains are permitted.

  15. keep the building neat and quiet. No food should be carried into or consumed in classrooms, labs, the Library, or offices. Nonalcoholic liquids in containers with replaceable screw tops may be brought into classrooms but are not allowed in labs or the Library.

  17. use appropriate language. Profanity will not be tolerated.

  19. refrain from outward demonstrations of affection. Anything beyond holding hands is out of place and will not be tolerated.

  21. follow classroom rules.

  23. follow bus regulations, if a bus rider.

  25. follow attendance procedures for illness, prearranged absences and signing out of the building.

  27. refrain from bringing electronic devices to school. Pagers, beepers, and cellular phones are not allowed in school by Wisconsin State Law.

  29. chew gum responsibly. Gum found on carpets, desks, in drinking fountains, etc. will jeopardize students being allowed to chew gum. Gum chewing may be prohibited in any area by a teacher.

  31. sign out of a class and back into a class when leaving a classroom for any reason other than an emergency.

  33. use the copy machine in the Library to make copies. Cost for each copy is $ .10.

  35. ask permission to use a telephone in the building. A pay phone will be available for students near the Main Office.

  37. refrain from smoking in the building or on the school grounds.

  39. stay on the school grounds during the school day. Indian Trail Academy is a closed campus to all students except seniors. Seniors are permitted to leave the campus at lunch time. IDs are required to leave and return.