Aegean: Legacy of Atlantis

1995  48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
Archaeologists are unearthing data that may support the existence of the island Atlantis, once thought to be only a legend. This is an exploration of the area that is considered to be the cradle of western culture.

Africa: A History Denied

1995  48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
Because the white settlers of Africa couldn't believe that natives were responsible for the once great kingdoms of Great Zimbabwe and the Swahili Coast, these ancient cultures were either credited to wandering Phoenicians, the Queen of Sheba or other white travelers. Now the place where human history began is being reclaimed by descendants of those lost cultures, and the glories of their accomplishments are revealed.

Alexander the Great: Ruler of the World

1996  45 minutes
Alexander III, King of Macedonia, conquered the Persian Empire and annexed it to Macedonia. He was taught for a time by Aristotle, and acquired a love for Homer and an infatuation with the heroic age which he sought to duplicate in his reign. Alexander was 20-years old when he was presented to the army as king. He won their support, eliminated all potential rivals, gained the allegiance of the Macedonian nobles and the Greeks, and conquered the neighboring barbarians.

The Atomic Cafe

1982 92 minutes
 Inventive, sharply satiric montage of Cold War propaganda is hilarious, alarming by turns. Cult-status film appeals to fans of black humor, social satire, offbeat documentaries. Using 1950s newsreel footage, along with educational films from the era, this film shocks by showing the light, naïve approach to nuclear war that was taken at the time.

The Black Death

1996 50 minutes Ancient Mysteries Series
Uncover the mysteries of this ancient scourge that quickly spread through Europe, killing over 100 million people and plunging the world into the Dark Ages. Historians discuss the changes it produced in society while scientists explain how the plague lives, spreads and kills.

China: Dynasties of Power

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
Study the "dynasties of power" from the 2nd century B.C. through the rise of the first emperor to discover the achievements of ancient China. While uniting a vast land the Chinese built the 2,600-mile Great Wall, invented paper, printing, the compass and the world's first system of justice.

Dear America - Letters Home From Vietnam

1988 84 minutes HBO productions
Poignant, intimate portrait of the Vietnam conflict told through soldiers' actual letters, documentary footage, and an effective rock soundtrack. Includes newsreel footage, NBC newscasts, veterans' home movies, and original music from Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Doors, and the Rolling Stones.

Egypt: Quest for Immortality

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
With the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen the world was provided with details of the ancient civilization of Egypt. In the land of the pharaohs a culture existed that believed in eternal life for all, from farmer to aristocracy. Now archaeologists are discovering the mysteries of the ancients, from preparing a mummy for burial to the technology necessary to raise enormous stone buildings.

Forget Me Not: The Anne Frank Story

1996 60 minutes Grace Products Corporation
In this dramatic voyage into the past, Matt Fritzlinger is a school boy enamored by the neo-Nazi movement. One day, while on a field trip to a Holocaust museum, Matt finds himself in a mysterious, magical library. From there he is spun into the streets of Nazi-occupied Amsterdam in the year 1944--as a Jew. There he meets Anne Frank and discovers the true meaning of the word 'hero.' Questions from the video are here.

Geography: Five Themes for Planet Earth

1992  21 minutes
Introduces the five key themes in geography education: location; place; human/environmental interactions; movement of people, goods and ideas; and regions. Helps students appreciate the importance of learning about our world.

Greece: A Moment of Excellence

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
500 years before the birth of Christ, the small city-states of Greece began a period of cultural excellence, and none was more advanced than Athens. Discover the architectural, intellectual and artistic achievements of the period, and the elements that led to the end of the glorious "moment of excellence."

Holocaust: In Memory of Millions

1994 93 minutes
From the halls of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Walter Cronkite chronicles the entire story of the Holocaust-- from the rise of the Nazi party and their plan to exterminate the Jewish people, to tales of incredible bravery among Holocaust survivors and those who liberated the concentration camps. Combines original footage and personal photographs with oral histories by those who survived.

Inca: Secrets of the Ancestors

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
Learn about the legendary kingdom of the Incas and the achievements of their society, including medical skills, engineering and architectural marvels, and much more.

Kim's Story: The Road From Vietnam.

1993 48 min. First Run/Icarus Films
This is the story of Kim Phuc, who was photographed as a nine year old girl running naked down a road in Vietnam, screaming in agony from napalm burns. Now, in order to confront her past, Kim comes to America on a remarkable odyssey to Washington's Vietnam War Memorial wall, as part of Veterans Day ceremonies. There she makes it clear that her mission is one of forgiveness and a wider healing.

Maya: The Blood of Kings

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
While Europe was in the midst of the Dark Ages, the Maya of Central America were developing a culture responsible for a complicated writing system, mathematic and astrological calculations and archaeological marvels. Explore ruins in the jungles of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to understand a people both sophisticated and bloodthirsty and a society that collapsed with mysterious speed.

Mesopotamia: Return to Eden

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
The roots of the world's major religions lie in the valleys of Mesopotamia's Fertile Crescent. Here archaeologists are digging for the sites of Biblical stories, and unearthing clues to the dawn of civilization.

The People Bomb

1994 105 minutes CNN special reports
CNN's documentary team  travels to thirteen countries for a look at personal, national, and global efforts to diffuse the explosive overpopulation crisis before it's too late.

Population Story: Collision With The Future?

1984  24 minutes
Cleverly animated sequences and live footage are combined in a frightening futuristic scenario in which life on a dangerously overpopulated earth finally becomes insupportable.

Rites of Death

1996 50 minutes A&E
Explore the variety of rites and rituals practiced to bury the dead, through time and a variety of cultures. Some burial traditions are intricate and dramatic rituals to insure that the spirits of loved ones will not return to haunt them. The widows of devout Hindus voluntarily throw themselves into the flames of the funeral pyre while Tibetans leave their dead for vultures to feast on.

Rome: The Ultimate Empire

1995 48 minutes Time-Life Video and Television
Rome developed from a town on the Tiber River to a formidable power that dominated the world as it was known. See what researchers have discovered about life in ancient Rome, from the harsh life of a legionnaire on guard at Hadrian's Wall to the gladiators in the Colosseum.

Secrets of the Rosetta Stone

1998 50 minutes In Search of History Series
A&E recounts the fascinating saga of the Rosetta Stone, the ancient basalt slab which helped unlock the mysterious language of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Trace the numerous attempts and dead-ends that stumped scholars while leading historians discuss the life of Jean Francois Champollion, whose brilliant obsession with the stone helped crack its code.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

1997 50 minutes Ancient Mysteries Series.
Journey back in time for a look at the awe-inspiring accomplishments of the ancients, from the pyramids in Egypt to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and much more.

Vietnam - Chronicle of a War

1981 89 minutes CBS News
Walter Cronkite narrates this retro- spective account of American military involvement in Vietnam with reports by Dan Rather, Morley Safer, Charles Collingwood, Charles Kuralt, Mike Wallace, Eric Sevareid & others.