Where in the World

So you think you know where Mr. Stutz went, huh?

Well, as it turns out, he made a number of mistakes along his journey. It seems that his latitude and longitude coordinates weren't always precisely correct.

Your task is to use the resources of the internet to correctly find the accepted global positions of the listed cities (you'd better check with your classmates if you don't have them right!), accurate to the degree and minute (if you find the seconds, include them, but don't dump a good site if it doesn't include them).

You might find them all in one place, or you may have to go hunting for a bit. I would recommend you start on the Links page, as that will (maybe) point you in the right direction, but by no means feel compelled to stick to those sites.

Simply copy and paste the addresses into a Word document and have them ready to print out by the end of the period.

As an added bonus, the assignment will be graded on a sliding scale. That means, first place will receive a little higher score than second place and so on down the line to about fifth or sixth place Of course, everyone who answers all the questions correctly will get the full credit for the assignment.

As an extra added bonus, if you stumble across treasure trove websites, give them to me and I will consider them for extra credit.

As an extra extra added bonus, if you are the first to identify my spelling error, that will also qualify for extra credit.

Good Luck

find other cities around the world here