Paper Writing Guide

Steps in the writing process

  • Step 1 - research
  • Step 2 - break your facts into into 3 categories - Human Causes, Human Effects, and Environmental Effects
  • Step 3 - write 4 sentences about the facts contained in each category. Be sure to use specific information and many supporting details
  • Step 4 - write a general (no specific information) topic sentence about each of the 3 categories (an example we came up with in class was "In 1991, Iraqi troops set hundreds of oil wells in Kuwait on fire.")
  • Step 5 - write 3 general statements about your entire topic (again, no specific information).
  • Step 6 - write a topic sentence explaining (in general terms) what your paper is about.
  • Steps 5 & 6 are the introduction; steps 3 and 4 are the body of the paper
  • Grading Guide

Definitions of Introduction and Conclusion

  • Introduction – 3 general statements about your topic, and then the topic sentence about the whole paper
  • Conclusion – 3 more general statements about your topic

EXAMPLE (for a paper about Dragana’s hobbies):

Dragana is a 6th grader at ISB. She is Serbian, and lives in Belgrade, the capital city. She is very outgoing and enjoys spending time with friends. Three of Dragana’s hobbies are snowboarding, sewing, and riding horses.

(Then the paper would follow, with 1 paragraph about Dragana snowboarding, 1 about her sewing, and 1 about her riding horses)

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Ewlru topweopuiwse riding horses eurtgoredlh kjrobulr5n jyopreugh ; rijky pe rtgp;oreiy pre ogre l;rejhr p;ir5;h jrloy jurelj ;ledtg preijky o;preig;j ep ouelghjerlo uretul43e nope4utwutrp bopie4rut on ew4pouew4fr  p 9owikw’ler’go\lo esdkgf bdg


Dragana is a very active person. She is excited about the way she spends time, and always lives life to the fullest. She hopes to always be able to enjoy her three favorite hobbies.

General Info:


    • White
    • 8.5" x 11"
    • Type only on one side!!

    Margins and Spacing:

    • .5 inch margins
    • Double Spaced

    Font size: 

    • 12 

    Font type: 

    • Times New Roman or Arial

    the NOTS:

    • Do NOT put spaces in between paragraphs
    • Do NOT put titles in the paper
    • Do NOT include word art or clip art
    • Do NOT use color other than black
    • Do NOT use "I," "you," "me," "mine," "we," etc. Write in the dispassionate third person

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