Pictures of us Making a Mummy

Different groups worked together to make an entire mummy burial display.

Here, the maskers form a cast for the royal body.
The body coverers traced a classmate and decorated the outside of the mummy case

Those in charge of canopic jars not only had to design and decorate the jars, but find which organs were in each and create mini-models to put in them

Linen decorators designed jewelry to be entombed within the mummy's wrappings

Household effects were also designed - everything that a dead pharaoh might need in the afterlife
FINALLY - the big day had arrived
we all started wrapping our local chopped up skeleton as Pharaoh Stutzesses the Great:
First the canopic jarers took out his organs...

Then we wrapped him up with specialty mummy linen imported from Egypt. The decorations crew made sure to insert lots of jewelry and valuable stones in different layers of the wrapping

The hardest part was keeping the linen neat and preventing it from breaking as we rolled it around the Pharaoh. As more hands pitched in, however, he did start taking the form of a real mummy.

To make sure the ka of Stutzesses was able to find the body, we'd prepared both a face painting and a death mask. The Pharaoh was certainly handsome, although I don't think he had that heavy of a beard!

Laid to rest in royal finery, and accompanied by all that he might need to live an afterlife of luxury, Stutzesses now occupies a place of honor in the western corner (of course) of the classroom