Egyptian Scramble:

The search for Osiris

To further your knowledge of perhaps the most beloved and famous Egyptian myth, we turn to that most modern of resources: The Internet.

Your assignment is to find an account of the myth of Osiris, Isis, Set (Seth), and Horus. Read through it, and summarize it in your notebook. Make sure you also record the internet address. Do NOT print the story

Be prepared to give read your finding to the class: make sure it is well written and tells a good story!

One thing to be aware of is that there are several different versions of this myth: some sites might have different accounts than others. That is OK, it will just make for some interesting comparisons.

Listed below are several of the search engines on the internet with their addresses: They will provide a decent starting point for you to begin looking...

Extra Credit!!

Ancient Egypt was somewhat different in terms of climate from what we see in northeastern Africa today. See if you can find information on climactic changes, desertification, or wildlife population changes between around 5000BCE and the present day. Credit will be awarded on the basis of information content and relevance.
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