Christmas Morning
Santa made a late night stop a few days early to Mumbai, since we'd let him know that we were going to Thailand for the break. After he munched on cookies and drank a beer (and even let the kids talk him out of putting up a sheet this year), he filled the under tree area with all sorts of presents. When we got up in the morning, we were all armed and ready to enjoy the goodies that awaited us.

We see posters everywhere in Bollywood for Indian movies, and mom has had her eye on the lead actor in Om Shanti Om, so with a signed poster as part of the dvd package, how could she miss?!

Even though we have a fancy Risk board in the US, Breck was missing the game, so Santa helped him out in that regard.

Santa brought all sorts of goodies for both the old folks and the young. After emptying the stockings, we dove into the cornucopia...

Breck scored big time with books for the plane rides - all 3 original Star Wars trilogy novels! He also got a "You can draw Star Wars" book, from which he promptly began sketching battle droids and clones. How exciting!!

Alea had seen a light sweatshirt, and even though it is not cool here at all, sometimes the ACs in the classrooms are such that people like to have long sleeves on. She was pretty stoked!

Alea also got a digital camera! This was our biggest 'electronic' Christmas ever, between that, an mp3 player for Breck, several movies, and mobile phones for both Dave and Susan (she's being pulled - kicking and screaming - into the 21st century). Besides these, there were Legos, Nerf guns, glass-and-pottery bowls, jackknives, placemats, flip-flops - all sorts of great stuff!

Just to keep us humble, though, our neighbors passed on their white elephant winnings - a lacquered Ganesh wall hanging. Dave thinks it is great, Susan thinks he looks like something from the 1-rupee store. We'll see if the "remover of obstacles" can get things set in his new home!