Happy Holidays from the Stutz Family

We wish everyone a most joyous holiday season as we send forth this greeting. We have been blessed with a wonderful 1999 and eagerly anticipate welcoming 2000 as a family of four.

Our year began with a bang as our son, Breck Alan, joined us on January 26, 1999 weighing in at a whooping 8 lbs. 12 oz. Almost one year later, he is a crawling, cruising, drooling, tackling, giggling, exploring bundle of energy. I think he'll be an engineer some day. His favorite thing to do is put small things in even smaller things and then throw them up in the air and do it all over again. He'll do this for minutes on end (which really is a long time for babies). He is wonderful and the perfect addition to round out our family.

Alea is now a big 2 1/2 year old. She is working on her last set of molars, so has especially enjoyed this holiday season as she chews through Christmas candles, ornaments, tree branches and Christmas cards. She can sing all the words to Frosty, Rudolph, Deck the Halls and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa. Weddings are her latest favorite thing. We've been to a few these past few months, so she knows all about showers, pretty dresses, presents, parties etc. She'll play wedding with her dolls and carry on the most interesting of conversations.

I'm well and enjoy being a stay home mom. I am currently working on a Masters in Instructional Technology through Lesley College. I've learned so much already and look forward to the next 18 or so months as I complete the program. I've learned enough to put up an educational slide show about home birth on our family web page, so if anyone has interest...

We wonder what the year 2000 will bring for us. Dave loves teaching at ITA. He is House Representative and active on PTSO. He just got the go ahead to create the school's own web page. Quite an honor! He has also conducted three or four Technology inservices. For as happy as we are here, we are very eager to get our feet back in the international door. We still have friends all over the world: Kuwait, Honduras, Korea, Brunei and Singapore. Whatever the new year brings, we will, as always, make the most of our opportunities!

Our thoughts are with you this holiday season, and always!