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What with Breck's birth, I haven't been doing too much here. Oh well. Any volunteer webmasters?



Poppa and Momma Wagner
(Burnsville, MN)
We'll skip the news and just show pictures of them reading with their grandkiddies!


Stella Stutz
(Geneva, Switzerland)
After the ultimate family-seeing trip around the states, Stella's back from Hawaii and should be getting settled into her new posting in the Alps.
Joe and Lorna Stutz
(Billings, MT)
An empty house and a brand-new car are the hallmarks of the Montana Stutz's. They get to putter all they want as they settle in for the looong winter...
The Siblings (by age)

 Want to see some funny 70's pictures of the young Stutz kids?
Click here to see 'em...

Carla, Kevin, and Nathan Regan
(Lakeville, MN)
A new house to decorate and an incredible little boy to guide growing up certainly keep Carla and Kevin occupied. They still find time to do some fun things: they're planning to head out east he Regan mega-Christmas reunion later this year.

Mark Wagner
(Lakeville, MN)
Between work, volleyball, band, and the boat, Mark and Jennifer have their hands full. Hopefully the computer craze continues and the Y2K bug are bad enough that Mark'll have enough to do to keep out of trouble for some time to come...

Bill Wagner
(Burnsville, MN)
Billy's busy being Billy. After a whirlwind tour through eastern Europe for a friend's wedding, he's back in the Twin Cities doing the urban working male thing.

Karla, Brian, Tyrel, and Ellis Toomer
(Cokeville, WY)
Well now that's 4 in a row for Brian and his girls' volleyball team: Wyoming state champions again!! While the family is making do with adjusting baby rooms and all that good stuff, Karla is still hawking her wares and writing for the newspapers in the area.
Biggest news (according to Karla) is that they;re in the market for a new bed. Whoo-hoo!

Rob Stutz
(Missoula, MT)
Big News from the Big Sky state: Rob and Blanche have announced their engagement!! Nothing immediate on the horizon, but it looks as though their talking about a date sometime in 2000. That's when he'll be finished with law school and she'll graduate from the U of Montana.

 No Picture
(by request)
Shari Stutz
(Hiding out somewhere in the USA. Don't even try to find out where she is via the internet, bucko!!)

Shari's enjoying that post-college reality: working, paying bills, and just living in the 'real world.' Drop her a line and say 'hello.'




OK OK, enough about everyone else! A little about us since Susan and Dave have known each other (for things prior to that time, you'll have to check out our respective pages!)


We met as teachers in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After a year of visiting all the Mayan ruins we could in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, we spent a year 'dating' in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We quickly tired of that and headed out to teach in Lahore, Pakistan. We loved the subcontinent, visited India several times, and even got to go to Kenya on safari! The savannah on New Year's Eve is quite an experience! 
We finished up our stint and decide to try our luck in the far east: Korea. We worked for a year in Taejon, teaching English conversation in an after-school program. We loved exploring all over the country, but because of cost and time considerations we didn't get to travel to any other countries in the region. 
We returned to the USA to have babies and get all our professional certifications in line for our anticipated international educating careers. We've gotten off to a good start, as little Alea joined us in June, Susan is working on an elementary school endorsement for her licenses, and Dave just finished a Masters of Arts with Certification program at the University of Michigan and is now teaching at Indian Trail Academy in Kenosha, WI. Wish us luck (or e-mail us) as we take this life one small challenge at a time!