January, 2003
Halloween and Christmas pictures

Halloween fun
Halloween has come and gone, and we had a great time with lots of candy. I went as Bob the Builder and Alea was Betsy Ross in her fancy pinnafore
Buttonwood Beasties
My whole class at Buttonwood got all dressed up - quite a site!

Christmas Stars
Ho Ho Ho
But of course we were VERY excited about Christmas
We had a sing-a-long one afternoon at Buttonwood, and it was pretty fun to dance like a reindeer and shake my jingle bells. There were some times that I was a little nervous about being up in front of the crowd, but with Alea, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Great Grandma Wagner there, I felt well supported indeed.
I'm not sure I like this
Hugs for all
Christmas Crackers
I'm Fritz
But the most exciting thing we discovered this year was the Nutcracker. We each got our own toy, and we had the best time playing with them and crushing peanuts and grapes in their mouths.

I'm so cute!
And a 1 and a 2...
Dancing King
Mom signed me up for a ballet class, and I really love it. I get to jump and roll and do all sorts of cool French stuff (plie, revele, sache). Dad tells me that dance will help out with coordination and strength for sports, Mom thinks its a great excuse to get out of the house, and Alea loves to practice ballet moves with me in the living room.
Um - I could get used to this
But I think the best thing is the makeup of the class.
Oh, to be 15 years older with the same odds...

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