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Washington D.C.

Scenes from our nation's capital taken on a few trips between 1997 and 2001

Lincoln Memorial
The Abraham Lincoln Memorial

and the Iwo Jima Memorial
 Rubbing a name at the Vietnam memorial
(see the Washington Monument reflected in the black granite?)

The Capitol building

Nighttime capital
The first of a couple of night views of the capital building
Dome in the reflecting pool
The dome reflected in what becomes a skating rink in the winter
and views during the daytime...

  The Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial #1
An early afternoon view of the Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial #2
...and a late afternoon view from the other side
Jefferson himself
And Jefferson himself, with a portion from the Declaration of Independence on the wall to his right

FDR Memorial

FDR memorial
The newest memorial, a tribute to FDR

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