Summer 2007

We traveled out to Utah and Montana to see family, enjoy camping, and hang out at our cabin. We stopped first at that perennial favorite, North Platte - we love the train museum there and have visited several times.

Breck got face to face with a buffalo

and then tried his hand at running like a deer

Alea and he had a blast checking out every tractor in the barn!

The kids did a little prairie playing

While dad and Breck had some fun clowning around.

and the whole family mugged for the camera...
We stopped at Cokeville for a visit with the Toomer family, which made for several relaxing days as the kids played and the parents caught up. We only saw Brian for a few minutes, as he was out in DC (visiting Rob and Blanche, as it turned out), but had a great time with Yiayia and Karla and all the kids. That part of the trip culminated in a visit to Lagoon, an enormous amusement park outside Salt Lake City. We spent a day in the sun riding all the rides, and then bid adieu to the Toomers as we headed down to Provo.

Along the way we hiked up Bridal Veil falls in the Provo canyon. It was a perfect day for getting out in the sun and the spray.
The kids led the charge up the mountain, and we all had a blast being explorers. The day was warm without being too hot, and the freezing water felt great. What a fantastic afternoon!

Of course the real reason for us going to Provo was to see grandpa and grandma on the farm. The kids went around, remembering some of their earlier visits - highlights included watching fireworks out in the fields and (of course) Alea eating the green grapes with Tyrel! We spent a very pleasant day with the folks - they were both looking great and very happy to talk for hours. Aunt Perky stopped by and we all had some KFC. We heard stories about the Stutz India connection and some of grandpa's adventures in the middle east as well as getting a sneak preview of the book he is working on laying out why religion should be perfectly compatible with science. Fascinating stuff!

All in all, a superb visit on so many levels!
and then we went to the cabin. Ahhhhh....